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Talgeri-Consulting Bildergalerie


Lectures and seminars by Dr. Vinod Talgeri (2019-2023)

Lecture: The secret wish of many overweight people – “Quick weight loss".

Seminar: “Weight reduction” without diet

Seminar: What does eating disciplined mean?
How to eat with discipline: that means eating well, eating right and eating regularly. Eating and moving should be optimal.

Lecture: Eating right and exercising right have to be right.

Lecture: Nutrition and exercise as a unit: to eat and exercise optimally in a disciplined manner,

Seminar: “Relevance of Movement”

Lecture: “Diet and exercise program” for the ultimate goal of losing weight healthily

Seminar: Secret of the vegetarian diet and weight loss process

Lecture: How helpful are natural healing methods, gemstones and crystal therapy.
How can you activate your self-healing powers?

Seminar: Tried-and-tested and successful weight loss techniques without diets and medication

“Eating with discipline and control” and “Eating consciously and healthily”.


Paris/France (Eiffel Tower), Agra/India (Taj Mahal), San Francisco/USA (Golden Gate Bridge), Abu Dhabi/Emirates (Sheikh Zayed White Mosque), Tokyo/Japan (de nuit Loic LE BRUSQ), Shanghai/China (Jiongkai Zhang), Beijing/China (Verbotene Stadt Beijing), Shanghai/China (Pudong skyline at dusk)



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