Health organizations and institutes

Our team health (ecotrophology, nutrition and sports science) works with the following organizations.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

1. [BMEL] Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Berlin, Germany

2. [DEGE] German Society for Nutrition, Bonn, Germany

3. [STGE] Health Knowledge Foundation, Berlin, Germany

4. [ÖSGE] Austrian Society for Nutrition, Vienna, Austria

5. [SCGE] Swiss Society for Nutrition, Bern, Switzerland

Asia / India

1. [INMA] Indian Medical Association, New Delhi, India

2. [IPHA] Indian Public Health Association, New Delhi, India

3. [NHOI] National Health Organization India, New Delhi, India

4. [NHPI] National Health Portal India, New Delhi, India

Great Britain

1. [UKHA] United Kingdom Healthcare Association, Wallington, UK

2. [VSUK] Vegetarian Society of United Kingdom, Altrincham, UK


1. [AHAC] American Health Association, Chicago, USA

2. [APHA] American Public Health Association, Washington DC, USA

3.[AMAC] American Dietetic Association, Chicago, USA

4. [AOND] Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Ohio, USA

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