The process of globalization is increasingly impacting the international networking in various areas of economy, politics, environment and communication. This has led to an enormous growth in bilateral trade between the European Union and Asia.
In this context TALGERI CONSULTING offers the following services to their clients:

 I. Consultation Services for Asian Governments and Enterprises                      

II. Consultation Services for the European Governments and Enterprises


I. Consultation Services for Asian Governments and Enterprises

1. Representation of Asian companies and government interests in Europe including in German speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.       

Strategic Branches: Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Chemical Technology, Metallurgy, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail and CPG.

2. Outsourcing Consultancy Services for Government and Corporate                        Enterprises: We advise government organisations to explore extraordinary opportunities in Europe and assist in the process of contact development with European government and industry. Our support to Asian enterprises involves also in acquiring good business from European companies in the areas of IT- and Engineering-Projects. Our following consulting partners for Asia are located in Pune, India.

a. Prof. Dr. Pramod Talgeri, Director (Strategy Consultant to Government and large     Enterprises)

b. Dilip Panjikar, Director (Consultant for Engineering and IT Projects)

For details, please click on the link <Partners>

3. Marketing und Communication

  • Creation of  Contacts with Industry and Government in Europe
  • Planning und Organisation of Fairs, Hotel and Road Shows
  • Organisation of Information Events

4. Recruitment Services in the following fields:

    • Management and Executive Search
    • Sales: Hardware, Software (IT, SAP), Storage
    • Marketing Specialists
    • Engineering    


5. Support for Buying of new and used Machines and Plants in Europe


II. Consultation Services for the European Governments and Enterprises

TALGERI CONSULTING offers consultation in the following Branches: Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Chemical, Metallurgy, Medical and Health Care, Banks, Insurance Companies, Retail und CPG

1. Consultancy: Focus and Areas

   a. Sales: Strategy Planning, Personal Coaching

   b. Marketing: Market Analysis, Event Planning

   c. Human Resources (H.R.): Recruitment Services, Executive Search 

2. Consultancy: Business in and with Asian countries

   a. Market Analysis, Location Search

   b. Outsourcing Support 

  • Partner and Project Search
  • Business Optimisation
  • 24 hour Assistance in Asia.                                                           

   c. Sales und Purchasing Support in Asia (e.g. India, China, Japan)   


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