TC TALGERI CONSULTING is an independent consulting enterprise based in Stuttgart, which is a very important industrial hub of Germany. We offer professional consultations to European and Asian Enterprises and Governments. Our company is equipped to deal with any aspect of international partnerships globally. We work together with our partner firms all over the world. With our expert Know-How and application of the state-of-the-art technology, we evolve new growth driven strategies for our clients.

Our aim is to lend support to our clients in their business matters for a progressive enhancement of their business interests with growing success. This would help them strengthen their competitive edge in a remarkable manner. Our services in consultations comprise the following areas:

     1. Team Management
     2. Team Engineering & IT 

     3. Team Nutritional Science / Nutrition and Sports Science

4. Team Politics- Marketing and campaign support
5. Team HR - Recruitment, National and International (Sectors: engineering, IT, sales)

    Publications for Business in Europe <Publications>
    International Events and Impressions <Events>

Outsourcing (OS) / Expansion of Businesses in Europe:

  • OS Services during Preparation, Initiation and Implementation
  • Assistance with Location, Partner and Project Search
  • Change Management
  • Opening of a Subsidiary or Branch Office in Europe
  • Joint Venture /Acquisition of European companies
  • Assistance during Purchase and Sales negotiations
  • Representation at German Trade fairs (Sectors: Engineering, IT, Energy)


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